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Scope and Objectives

The aim of internships is to give sociology and political science students insight into potential fields for their future careers. Since sociology relates to many different fields of practice, there are no fundamental restrictions when it comes to choosing your internship. You are responsible for finding an internship position yourself. However, you should check with the person responsible for the module for approval before you start your internship. A sample internship agreement can be found in the info box on the right.

All students of older examination regulations have been transferred to the examination regulations of October 1st, 2021, so that they now apply to them.

In order to collect enough professional experience, the full-time internship must last a minimum number of weeks depending on your bachelor’s programme. This also determines the length of your internship report:

Exam regulations10/1/2921
BA 60 creditsNo internship
BA 90 credits3 weeks (120 h)
5 pages
BA 120 credits3 weeks (120 h)
5 pages
BA 180 credits (PolSoz)8 weeks (300 h)
5-10 pages

Please register for the internship module in the Löwenportal and for the internship consultations in StudIP. There is no fixed deadline for submitting the internship report and the internship certificate. Therefore, the exam registration in the Löwenportal is no longer necessary.

Internship report

Bachelor’s students

Please attach to your report certification by the organisation, authority or company confirming the length and type of internship.

Your internship report should contain the following points:

  1. When did you do your internship?
    (Description of the organisation and its areas of responsibility)
  2. Which tasks or projects did you do during your internship?
    (Summarise your activities)
  3. How did your tasks relate to sociology?
  4. How would you assess your internship position?  
    (Positive and negative experiences)

Please email your internship report and internship certification as PDF files to the person responsible for internships.

Master’s students

Your internship report should consist of two parts:

The first part should contain precise information about the organisation at which you are doing your internship: type of organisation, structure of the organisation, history of the organisation, position of the department in which you work, etc. Furthermore, you should describe the work you do there, what processes there are, what the requirements are, why the task was given to you as an intern, etc.  This part of the internship report can be written relatively early on, normally within the first two weeks. It should be around five pages and should be sent directly to your supervisor as soon as it is completed.

The second half of the report should contain an in-depth look at a problem which you confronted during the internship. It can be of your choosing, but needs to fulfil two conditions: It should cover a real problem of the job, organisation or working field of the organisation. Furthermore, scientific tools should be applied (usually through literature research). As is common with work-related issues, it is not crucial that it relates to the discipline: knowledge of several subjects can be combined when solving/analysing the problem. The second part can be submitted at the end of the internship, under certain circumstances after the internship. The topic should be agreed on with your supervisor, e.g. by email when sending the first part of the report or in person during office hours. The length of the second half of the report should be around 10 – 20 pages. An overall mark will be given for the internship report.

Please submit the internship report with the required proof of internship in printed form to the secretariat of our institute:

Philosophische Fakultät I
Institut für Soziologie
Emil-Abderhalden-Str. 26-27
06108 Halle (Saale)

Points of contact for the internship module

Bachelor’s students

Dr Wolfgang Langer
Tel.: 0345 55 24248
Fax. 0345 55 27150

Master’s students

Prof. Dr. Konstanze Senge
Tel.: 0345 55 24242


A selection of individual organisations (not necessarily an exhaustive list):

A selection of research possibilities (not necessarily an exhaustive list):