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Prof. Dr. Konstanze Senge

phone: 0345 55-24242
fax: 0345 55-27150

room Raum E.08.0
Emil-Abderhalden-Str. 26–27
D-06099 Halle (Saale)

Fragen zu Prüfungen, Anerkennung von Leistungen etc. bitte nicht per Mail-ausschließlich in der Sprech-stunde-keine Anmeldung erforderlich!
Sprechstunde zu Prüfungs-angelegenheiten
dienstags von 17-18 Uhr
(während der Vorlesungszeit)
im Büro E 08.0

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Studies and Examination Board


  • Statutory declaration of authorship
    A statutory declaration of authorship must be attached to your homework
  • Forms for the following can be found on the webpages of the Examination Office of the Faculty of Philosophy I:
    • 3rd attempt / 2nd repeat of module examinations
    • Theses (BA/MA)
    • Degree certificate
    • Change in Study and Examination Regulations (StPO) or university / placement
    • BAföG confirmation as per Article 48
    • Illness on day of an exam
    • Application for a master’s programme
    • Notifying Child Benefit Office of graduation

Please first visit the webpage of the Examination Office before enrolling at the Institute! These pages contain important information and advice on the respective issues and please use our consultation hours.

How to credit modules and placement in other semesters when changing degree programme or university

  1. Download the forms from the webpages of Examination Office (credit / placement)
  2. Fill in the forms
  3. Meet with those responsible for the module (professors) to obtain signatures and to clarify any questions
  4. Have forms signed by the chairman of the Examination Board of the Institute of Sociology

Who can supervise my thesis? (BA and MA)

In the right-hand column you will find a document containing the points of contact at the Institute of Sociology and their respective topics/areas. Please get in touch with one of these points of contact in order to discuss the topic of your BA or MA project.

In accordance with a resolution passed by the Institute’s Board (18/11/2014), at least one professor at the Institute of Sociology must be one of the two reviewers of a master’s thesis.

Points of Contact / Student Advisory Office