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Institute of Sociology

Understanding society, unlocking perspectives

The guiding principle of our work is to understand society in order to unlock perspectives on social change (institutions, organisations, generations, regional, national and transnational interrelationships). In doing so, we are committed to the standards of modern scientific principles. Our goals are to:

  • Contribute to the understanding of social processes and structures
  • Shape international scientific debate
  • Teach sociology in all of its dimensions based on current scientific debate
  • Foster up-and-coming researchers by giving them the opportunity to conduct research independently and autonomously
  • Introduce sociology findings into public discourse
  • Shape the development of the discipline on university and non-university committees.





Complex Dynamics of Global and Local Inequality. Concepts of Analysis, Concepts of Intervention?
December 5-6, 2019, Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg, Germany
Organizers: Dr. Walter Bartl, Dr. Oliver Winkler

The workshop aims to provide a forum for debating the theoretical concepts and methodological tools used in sociology to analyse the complex dynamics of global and local inequality. The workshop is rooted in three distinct observations and aims to bring about a fruitful dialogue. First, in a framework that conceptualises global inequality as composed by inequalities within countries and inequalities between countries, global inequality is decreasing. Yet, while income inequality between countries is decreasing, inequality in many national societies is on the rise. Second, a mounting wealth of data enables the ever more precise analysis of the complex dynamics of global and local inequalities. Third, these complex dynamics of global inequality call into question the somewhat simplistic conceptions of social justice underlying many of our analyses. In our view, these observations raise two main questions: Which conceptual and methodological tools can we use to analyse the complex dynamics of global and local inequalities? What are the implications of our analyses with respect to the possibilities of (transnational) intervention?

Workshop program.
Program.pdf (327.9 KB)  vom 27.11.2019

Call for Papers:

Geschlecht und soziale Ungleichheit @work - Theoretische und empirische Erkundungen
Frankfurt am Main, 25 - 26 March 2020

For further information, please see the call.
Call_Arbeit_Organisation_Geschlecht_2020.pdf (372.9 KB)  vom 29.10.2019

Lageplan, Anreise

Ankunft in Halle Hbf:

Den Hauptbahnhof Halle (Saale) beim Hauptausgang vorbei am DB-Reisezentrum verlassen, an den Taxis links entlang bis zur Straßenbahnhaltestelle.
Mit den Straßenbahn-Linien (2,5,10,12) Richtung "Am Steintor" fahren.
Die Straßenbahn  braucht ca. 10 Minuten bis zur Haltestelle "Am Steintor".
Fahrkarten sind am Automaten an der Haltestelle erhältlich, manchmal auch mit Geldkarte an den Automaten im Fahrzeug.

Lageplan, Anreise

Lageplan, Anreise

Lageplan, Anreise

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